Hi! I’m still not sure if I’ll call you “friends” or “fam”? Maybe FRAM? I DON’T KNOW! 😂

HELLO, FRAM! 😆 I’m Vienna and I’m from the Philippines. I am a phlegmatic Fund Custodian by day and a highly caffeinated writer by night—an ecstatic fangirl and an invested Financial Consultant in between. I am doing so much all at once that I can’t survive the day without a few cups of coffee (not black) and Bangtan.

I started this blog 3 years ago though I didn’t take it seriously until the last quarter of 2016. It has gone through so much revamping; from existing as “Between the Pages” to being “The Wanderess”. I decided to just stick with my name now to give it a more personal touch. Well, since I write based mostly on my experiences, I hope that even if you can’t relate to my stories or ramblings, you can learn something from them somehow. I’d love to learn from you too so please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message whenever you feel like it. I promise to reply in a jiffy. 💙

I hope you’ll find solace in my words just as much as it gives me peace when I write them. Please bear with me as I explore this multiverse of blogging. X

MARK 5:36

vienna wp

© JUNE 2017


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