“Ate Vienna  🐼🕸 My fave writer of all time ☁️ your words always motivates me to write my own too and thank you so much for that, Ate V. I’m beyond grateful that I’ve met you! Continue to inspire other people and keep on writing! See you soon, love you 💚”



Jae – i actually stopped doing calligraphy for months. i lost the spark but then when i read “coffee and you”, i was like “ah i need to make an artwork out of this”.





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hi ate vienna!! 💖 i know this is so random but nagppractice ako ng calligraphy and i used this line from one of your poems, im writing this over and over. it’s not the best but i just want to let you know 😂 i love your works ✨



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An Open Book

You’re writing skills really amaze me. Pagpatuloy mo lang. Ang gaganda ng mga articles mo and blog posts mo. ☺️👍🏼



Hey Vienna 🙂 I don’t know where to comment this but I really wanna say that I LOVE your blog so much ☺️❤️


Minnim World

I love reading her blog and I’ve been back reading alot. She has nice insights about music, movies, books and KDrama/JDrama. She writes good poetries. And she writes really well. I also love reading her posts when she’s fangirling. Ah. The life of a fangirl.


I Am That Small Girl