On Self-Expression

I know sometimes we need to stay silent, but silence is scary. When someone doesn't talk and it's clear that he wants to say something, I'm scared what is running through inside his head. When someone doesn't talk and it builds up inside, it will eventually explode. I saw how that kind of miscommunication ruined our family. It's still traumatic for me.

To the Sibling She Never Met

She would miss you on the rainy days of chaos and comfort or even the days when the waves were calm and the horizon was clear.

Because I Need Distraction at 2AM Vol. 4 | disconnect

What truth have you been refusing to admit to yourself and how could you face it?

Because I Need Distraction at 2am Vol. 2 | I wrote a mini story

Tonight, she would find peace within herself.

What Made You Happy Today?

Let me just hold on to this delicate glass of euphoria for a little longer. Just a little bit more.


i am in the mood to dissolve in the sky

Why Do We Get So Many Thoughts in the Shower?

I have always wondered if a lot of people get so many thoughts while taking the shower because I do. I think it's the only time my mind actually gets (literally) pouring ideas.

Vienna’s Pick | Favorite Blogs and Posts

To wrap my blog  life this 2017, let me do a recap of my posts. I also have a list of my favorite blogs and entries, just in case you want to reread or you fancy new reads.