Why Do We Get So Many Thoughts in the Shower?

I have always wondered if a lot of people get so many thoughts while taking the shower because I do. I think it’s the only time my mind actually gets (literally) pouring ideas. The funny thing is once I get out of the bathroom, they all vanish – as if I rinsed them off me as well. Like those dreams you remember so vividly when you wake up but can’t really get hold of it for so long. All gone. It’s frustrating, right? So, I’m writing this now while I still have them.

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What Makes You Think You’re Lost?

I still don’t know what I’m supposed to feel, what I’m supposed to hang onto or get rid of. I don’t completely know but I’ll keep trying to look inside myself and tell you about them.

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Hi, friends ~

I just thought of having a quick break from the papers I’m working on to catch up with you. 🤗

Since I’ve been seeing lots of The Sunday Currently entries, I thought of giving it a try. It looks fun and a cute way to talk about stuff you’re currently into. It started from Lauren’s blog—Siddathornton.


Financial Review Case Studies with Business News: Addressing Food Values.  How boring could your Sunday be compared to mine? HA HA! I’m working on three case studies right now. This is the second one and it’s about fast food restaurants going into another level with more healthier food. I can’t relate. I love fries. 🤣


the case study, obviously. I’m still writing down the problems, though. I’m still debating which one will have a better courses of action. I sound so nerd talking about this but I like it. 😅


to Bangtan’s Skits from their albums. On The Start Line is the one playing now. Namjoon’s voice is so soothing and I really love how sincere and honest his words are.

You have no idea how much I love this guy (and Bangtan, of course). If you’ve been my reader for quite some time now, you should know how I love to think deeply. Namjoon makes me think beyond what I already believe in.


that I’m not working hard enough in achieving my dreams. I’ve been focusing so much in finding the things that will make me happy instead of doing things to make me happy. I’ve been whining so much about how I feel empty and stuck but what am I exactly doing to change it? I’m done feeling miserable. I need to move forward now. If I don’t push myself, who else will?


this fried chicken my  mother is cooking. It’s 3:32PM now and we haven’t had our lunch yet. I don’t know in this household. 🤣


that someone will buy me a coffee. I’d really appreciate it if you will help me achieve my goal of turning these coffee cups into gifts and books. Let’s always share whenever we can.


for a better fate and working on it.


this loose green top I got from Taytay tiangge.  I had this since 2014, I think (?) and it only cost me PHP20. (I must do a haul of that place. It’s cheap but the quality is great); pink shorts with cute mint green linings. I would have take a picture but like I said, this is just a quick break. My papers are due tonight. I am the Queen of Procrastination.


Amor fati. “Amor fati isn’t just saying leave everything to fate, but to first accept things we can’t change. Love our fate, and our environment, then (think) we could do something with fate and turn directions. We’re on some path that’s set since we’re born, but I still believe we can change some things.” –Namjoon, Dazed


a new start. I don’t know. I just want a new beginning. 2017 has been awful I can’t wait to leave everything behind as we welcome 2018. I’m not even excited for the holidays. It is that bad.


more cups of coffee.


anxious but hopeful of tomorrow. This is me trying to attract more positive vibes into my life.


on random tweets. Oo, may matatapos ako sa ginagawa ko. HAHAHA!

That’s about it. I’m not sure if I’m going to do this regularly, though. We’ll see. I hope you are having a good Sunday. Rest well. You deserve to relax after a whole toxic week at work/school.

Here’s to better days ahead,



“The best thing the universe ever gave us is that we’ll all be forgotten. […] I kinda like the idea. That when we die, despite any pain or fear or embarrassment we experienced during our lives, despite any heartbreak or grief, we get to be dispersed back into nothingness. It makes me feel brave, knowing I’ll get a blank slate at the end. You get a brief glimmer of consciousness to do with what you will and then it’s given back to the universe again. I’m not religious, but even I can appreciate that that’s redemption, on the grandest scale. Oblivion isn’t scary; it’s the closest thing to genuine absolution of sin that I can imagine.”

Our Chemical Hearts

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