Together, We Hope 🌻

It was on a Monday. I was on my way to the city—not to work but to take the bus to the North.

Pampanga is one of those places I can call home. It was my first time going there on weekdays. It has always been a quick visit on weekends, a day or two. Now that Junice and I got ourselves another soul that as passionate but just as sad as ours, two days became three. Two people became three.

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she dwells above the cloudbanks
each mass forms heavy raindrops
she grows sunflowers with her tears
until there’s a whole garden of fears

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I always wanted to write him a poem; a poem that will describe him as the poem itself. This is my 3am thought. I am neither Lang Leav nor Michael Faudet but I breathe in poetry and he is my favorite one.

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