It’s Not You, It’s Me

I still find this funny, but I understand exactly what it means.

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My Funny Story on a Valentine’s Day

I am very much single so obviously I don’t really give a big deal out of this day. I’d still want to greet you all, though. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! If you are in a relationship, I hope you spent it really sweet and loving. If you are not, please do not think you are less worthy just because. If you didn’t receive anything like flowers or chocolates or whatever, that is okay, too! Your value doesn’t amount on those.

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KDrama Review | Because This Is My First Life

Last month, Dungis told me to watch this KDrama and said: “hindi ka masstress haha [you won’t be stressed]”. Usually, I go for tearjerker series. It gives me a reason to cry. I’d rather have that than cry with no reason. LOL But I thought, why not? Someone also suggested this to me on Twitter so I gave it a go.

BOY, I WAS STRESSED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not because it’s bad! But rather it is way toooooo goooooood uwu!!!! There’s just so much to talk about!! Bear with me!

Don’t worry too much. It’s not like you know all about today just because you lived yesterday.

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I was told that
there was a Woman
before I was born—
who almost broke our home.
I would be mad at him
if I was already alive that time
but I don’t think I have the right
to feel that hatred now.

She forgave but never forget.
Gone the family we once were.

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“Why can men cheat and we girls can’t? Men steal girls so why can’t we steal guys too?” a girl cried as if it weighs much importance. This is not about sexism anymore. No one has the right to cheat or steal—regardless of gender. That’s just pure evil.

You always get to choose. Some people even take other people as an option. Sad truth, right? So, you don’t tell me that you don’t have a choice. You do. We always do.

You do have a choice and you chose to enter the picture where you weren’t supposed to be in. Why?