Poetry | Little Star

You are the cosmo, don't forget that. I hope you find comfort and peace today

Book Review | The Sun and Her Flowers

You might think Blooming is the most beautiful moment. Personally, I think the whole point of this book is to make us feel comforted in whatever season and part of the cycle we are in. Ironically, there is solace in knowing that things change; that we are not going to stay sad and miserable all our life. And that goes for happiness, too. Life is fleeting. Make sure all moments count.

Poetry | When Things Collide

How souls collide in a stellar collision and we're finally home

Poetry | Narcissus and the Lake

Are we just a reflection of something else that's why we don't really see ourselves?

Poetry | If Falling Stars are Fallen Souls

can I leave traces on the map and stitch myself up?

Movie Review | 100 Tula Para Kay Stella

A collision of music and poetry! I'm in love.