Maybe This Is What It Means To Bleed Words

Why can't I write happy poems? I've realized that we want to get rid of sadness, so we write it down. It will be immortalized in words, sure, but it's a release nonetheless. On the other hand, we want to conceal happiness—inside us. Until we are filled with it. Maybe that's why Lang Leav said that "all sad people write". 

Poetry | When Will Spring Come?

it is cold and colder and sadder and colder. Both sting. Let's end it here.

Poetry | Chaos in Abstract

It’s that time of the year again when I don’t want us to part— but we’re a delicate abstract art

brown aesthetic silhouette

Poetry | The Universe Inside Me

The universe represents our emotions, doesn’t it? It’s a million little stars, a series of wormholes upon wormholes, infinite, vast, indescribable, mysterious.

bts crystal snow

Poetry | Someday I Will Be Home

when the c l o u d s finally consume me; when the universe set me ablaze— I will be home


her heart, bigger than a ball of fist her soul remains caged in a grain of mist


She believes in soul and that hers is somewhere far -


I don’t know what Hope is. I don’t know where to find Happiness. I only know now—