Poetry | Little Star

You are the cosmo, don't forget that. I hope you find comfort and peace today

Book Review | The Longest Night

You can't always be somebody's 'forever'. Sometimes you're just their 'summer' or their 'little while' ... Sometimes not even that. Sometimes the closest you'll get is their 'almost' or their 'maybe'. And when they leave, the best you can hope for is to be their 'what if' or 'remember when' ... Because you can't always be somebody's 'forever' ... even if they were yours. —The Saddest Truth of All

KDrama Review | You Who Forgot Poetry

If you can't say you're hurt when you feel hurt, you're not family. If you can't say you're happy when you're happy, you're not family.  A sweet and soft ice cream cone isn't enough to make a family. Pain, happiness and love must be shared,  and you must endure all hardships in prayer until you can feel good together. That's how we become a family. You must be able to express your sadness  and be able to cry together to be a family.  You must be able to express your happiness  and be able to be happy for one another to be a family. You must feel like you're under the same blanket no matter where you are.

Poetry | Litost

Suddenly, her existence is no longer trapped in a labyrinth or sucked by black holes. It just remains an endless pit of disappointment towards herself.

Book Review | Out of the Ruins

Maybe the home we are looking for is the home we can find in ourselves and not somewhere else 

Poetry | Empath

I don't know when it started I was out of my body yet I still feel and see clearly she is happy he is sad she is feeling he is thinking they are breathing I was there until I was not 'til the barriers collapsed i am suddenly caged inside a room a room of … Continue reading Poetry | Empath

Poetry | Gunshot

I remember my hands shaking but only for a second then, I— I pulled the trigger I woke up crying 'cause pulled the trigger but in reality, I pulled myself up instead 'cause that is what I must do I woke up from the nightmare but I still have the gun [Disclaimer: featured photo; caption … Continue reading Poetry | Gunshot

Poetry | When Things Collide

How souls collide in a stellar collision and we're finally home