KDrama Review | Come and Hug Me

come and hug me review

"when you're sad, cry. when you're tired, hug. that's how we live. holding back comes next. when you've tried all you can and nothing works, that's when you hold back."

I Want to Live, I Will Live

I want to live, that is why I fight it. It is what all the struggles are for: to live.

Mental Health Law (Philippines) | Nasty Comments

It won't work in the hands of the government alone. It needs the help of the society. It needs our help - every. single. one. of. us.

Why Do You Write?

I write because I want my voice to be heard; for my voice to be louder than the screams inside my head.

Because I Need Distraction at 2am Vol. 2 | I wrote a mini story

Tonight, she would find peace within herself.


Do I want these thoughts? No. That’s why I’m trying so hard to survive. Do I want the pain to end? Definitely. Do I want to live? YES. But that doesn’t change the fact that I am depressed; that I am struggling; that I am fighting.

13 Reasons Why I Completely Lost Interest on Hannah Baker’s Tapes

13 reasons why netflix

"You may have an idea, but you cant be sure. Not a hundred percent. Each word, specifically chosen, could have a million different meanings. Is it a stand-in ―a symbol for another idea? Does it fit into a larger, more hidden, metaphor?"

This Is What It Feels Like to Be Alive

how to be alive

I realized that it doesn’t matter if I start with little steps as long as I’m moving forward. It doesn’t matter if I start slow as long as I’m doing myself a favor by just simply trying.