This Is Your Death (Trigger Warning)

We already know what’s right and wrong, but when you are suffering from mental illnesses, your thinking could be twisted. Sometimes, the concept of right and wrong gets blurry along with your memories. So, the message here is to seek help and find your ground. If you are lucky enough to be ‘normal enough’ and free from any of these illnesses, always listen. Be patient. People with mental illnesses have the capacity to always withdraw. Hold them and keep them near at all cost. Do not let them float in the abyss alone. … More This Is Your Death (Trigger Warning)


fall in love with someone who falls for you, years after years and lives after lives; someone who sees your soul no matter how much the world changes–when the past turns into the present and the present turns into the future; someone who loves you in the spring, in summer, in autumn and in winter; someone who loves you in between equinoxes and eclipses. … More POETRY | LOVER