when society tells you to..

When society tells you to be yourself, they don’t mean it, right?
I mean, how can they when they still judge you, anyway?

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Poetry | When Things Collide

I am always in love
with the thought of
things colliding—

How the ocean
and the sky meets
in a landscape

How the sun
and the moon
cross through eclipses

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Together, We Hope 🌻

It was on a Monday. I was on my way to the city—not to work but to take the bus to the North.

Pampanga is one of those places I can call home. It was my first time going there on weekdays. It has always been a quick visit on weekends, a day or two. Now that Junice and I got ourselves another soul that as passionate but just as sad as ours, two days became three. Two people became three.

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My Funny Story on a Valentine’s Day

I am very much single so obviously I don’t really give a big deal out of this day. I’d still want to greet you all, though. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! If you are in a relationship, I hope you spent it really sweet and loving. If you are not, please do not think you are less worthy just because. If you didn’t receive anything like flowers or chocolates or whatever, that is okay, too! Your value doesn’t amount on those.

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KDrama Review | Because This Is My First Life

Last month, Dungis told me to watch this KDrama and said: “hindi ka masstress haha [you won’t be stressed]”. Usually, I go for tearjerker series. It gives me a reason to cry. I’d rather have that than cry with no reason. LOL But I thought, why not? Someone also suggested this to me on Twitter so I gave it a go.

BOY, I WAS STRESSED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not because it’s bad! But rather it is way toooooo goooooood uwu!!!! There’s just so much to talk about!! Bear with me!

Don’t worry too much. It’s not like you know all about today just because you lived yesterday.

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