When You Don’t Have the Freedom and Luxury to Chase Your Dream But You Still Hope

We wanted the freedom to love. We wanted the freedom to choose. Now we have to fight for it. —Requiem

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What Made You Happy Today?

It’s 2AM again. I am usually so emotional at this hour but right now, I don’t need distraction. My emotions are in check compared to the days that it was in shambles since March began. My heart doesn’t hurt. In fact, I’m kind of happy. Happy. The word has started to sound strange and indifferent. But, at this very moment, I will welcome it with open arms just how I embrace sadness. Fair enough? 🙂

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Maybe This Is What It Means To Bleed Words

For the past two weeks, I thought I was doing okay. I thought I was getting better. I take a bath. I write. I’m building up my blog through social media. I eat properly. I keep learning how to do cupcakes. I’ve been doodling. I actually applied for a job that is not online. But, since March started, I feel like I took more step backwards than I did forward.

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I Sent You an Email

To: You
From: vienna noreen (blog)
Subject Title: jar of happiness ✨

How are you doing? I can’t remember the last time I reach out to you and I’m not sure if you even open this kind of email. I hope you do and I hope you are having at least a good, if not great, 2018 so far.

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After months of having this on my drafts, I finally have the missing pieces to complete the thought. I found the answers, if not all, to all my questions. Read on, friends. Let’s walk down this path together ~

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