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never compromise your dream

It was last Thursday night when I went home late than usual. I had to meet up with a client to present a financial quote to him. He still wanted some changes so I wasn’t able to close that deal yet. I felt dejected (not sure if it’s because of that or because it’s late and it’s raining).

It always rains when I get off to work which is frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain so much. I just wish it will let me be home safe and sound first before it pours. I have like on and off cough and colds and fever for the past month because I always get drenched. It’s always windy in Ortigas so you can imagine the chills.

July 13th just made me really sick and tired.

I felt like I’m doing so much all at once but there seems to be not enough time.

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