Why Do You Write?

Those who have been eminent in philosophy, politics, poetry, and the arts have all had tendencies toward melancholia.

— Aristotle

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Live Fiercely: Fight Against Anxiety

I don’t think you have to live so fiercely all the time —KNJ

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The Oasis on That Night

Something can be beautiful because there is something horrible. Life can be tough or it can be good. If you can accept that those hard times are part of beautiful moments in life, you can truly understand Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa.

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I will take your anxiety away
I will tuck you in at night—
and wish you a sound sound slumber.

I will take the dark clouds away
to draw sunshine above your head—
and paint spring into your sad sad soul.

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Hi, friends ~

It’s been a while. I’m not really in my best state right now and I’d hate to send you the vibe but I really have to write it down, this blog being my outlet and all. Please bear with me just this once.

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