how do you express yourself?

self expression through arts

How about you? How do you express yourself?


are you too hard on yourself?

If being hard on ourselves mean we just want to be the best version that we possibly can, then be it.

because I need distraction at 2am Vol. 8 | soul-deep journal prompts

thought catalog

Hello, my cool beans. 🤟 How is your mental health lately? Are you thinking too much again? How are you handling your thoughts and feelings?

what is your persona?

Do you ever ask yourself who you really are? It is the exact reason why I love the Jungian concept. It shows how we are layers and layers and layers and layers of different personalities. It is not like a part of you is fake; it just suggests that we are all capable of change and growth.

new gigs and tattoo


Remember when I said I’m getting a tattoo when I turned 25? It finally happened last month.

Time and Tides

And somehow, time seems to be timeless.

Thoughts: Ending of Kiki’s Delivery Service

kikis delivery service review

I hope we all find our magic - that burning passion to be of service - both to ourselves and to others.