what is your persona?

Do you ever ask yourself who you really are? It is the exact reason why I love the Jungian concept. It shows how we are layers and layers and layers and layers of different personalities. It is not like a part of you is fake; it just suggests that we are all capable of change and growth.


new gigs and tattoo


Remember when I said I’m getting a tattoo when I turned 25? It finally happened last month.

Time and Tides

And somehow, time seems to be timeless.

Thoughts: Ending of Kiki’s Delivery Service

kikis delivery service review

I hope we all find our magic - that burning passion to be of service - both to ourselves and to others.

KDrama Review | Sky Castle – Ending Discussed

I want to discuss about the ending scene because I heard some people do not actually like it or they would prefer otherwise. So, for my two cents:

Artists’ Paradise

art capital of the philippines

I hope we don’t get tired of painting the world with our own personal color – it would not make sense for some, but for others, you could be a masterpiece.

an email – a reminder to blog?


I just mentioned on my previous post that I lost the will to blog, but I got an email about my current plan. This year is my 5th year blogging (not that I've been doing it consistently the first 3 years). I asked myself if it is still worth it to renew. Will I lose… Continue reading an email – a reminder to blog?