I always feel the need to write but not all of my thoughts make it in this blog. Some are shared in other platforms as well:


“A website dedicated to your stories and ideas”

I religiously submit to TC whenever ideas and time permit. I started in 2016 and hoping to keep up with all these write ups.



“It’s all about You & the Music! We’re talking about the music world of today in the Philippines!”

Music has always been close to my heart and to be able to write my thoughts about it is such a privilege for me.


  • 10 Times That You’re Favorite Song Is Right About Young Love
  • Back Home
  • This Is How Ed Sheeran’s New Record Literally Divide My Heart In Two


“Inspire. Encourage. Learn. Educate.”

This website is just so full of positive vibes it gives me a new sense of hope.



“How far will you let your passion bring you?”

This online store showcases youth’s talent in any form of arts. They turn masterpiece into items that we can actually use in a daily basis. I used to write for them and it has been a wonderful journey. Their Tumblr is pure aesthetic.


“A blog dedicated to aspiring writers.”

I submit some short poetry pieces to them whenever I go to Tumblr and an idea came to mind. There are a lot of pieces you can read on a roll.

Short Poems:


“..the ultimate hangout for the Pinay teen”

I am no longer a teen but I still read Candy whenever I can. It felt nice to be able to get a piece featured in the site. Maybe I’ll submit more if I get the chance to write something that most teens can relate to.


As someone who claims to be a living paradox and breathing poetry, it is such an honor to see my poetry in their feed. I literally teared up the moment I saw.


“I wonder, I wander and I write.”

Celineism is all about adventures. It is owned by my *ate Celine. I met her during college days and I really do look up to her. She’s the most awesome person I know. I was glad to guest blog for her. I was over the moon when she said my writings have improved. 😭😍

*ate – or “sister” is not necessarily your older (girl) sibling. In the Philippines, we also use ate as respect to someone older than us among our peer.

I know I still have a long way to go and my writings still need improvement but I’m already thankful for all these opportunities I got.

If you want to work with me or you just need someone to talk to, do not hesitate to Inbox me. Let’s allow ourselves to grow more and more. xx


© MARCH 2018


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