₊˚✧ my words are coffee stains
trying to leave its mark onto your days ✧₊˚

Hello ~ this is Vienna and welcome to my best and worst blends. Everything that I go through: my most genuine thoughts; my fears and dreams—you will all find it here. I am ‘overly emotional’ most of the time (I’m sorry that’s my Mercury in Cancer and Saturn on the 1st house, which is its worst placement) and I’m Solar Gemini, so my self-expression is strong. Hence, the need to pen down things because it is all too much in my head (you see, I found myself in Astrology 😂) But, I hope that as you read on, these words I blend reach you somehow and help you get through the day. This is me hoping that my air element will bring my words to you—feel the wind, breathe in.

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