Hello, I’m Vienna and welcome to the blue side—the only place where I don’t drown. Here is where I sit down, have my coffee, breathe, and write whatever it is that troubles and inspires me. Here are the constellations of my truths. I hope you find home in the words I blend and comfort in each star I carve.

I can’t remember how many times I ‘rewrite’ this About page (it is currently the 14th of October of the year 2018). I think it just shows how I have grown over the years along with this blog—and still growing.

I suck at saying stuff about myself because I am A LOT of things—the catalyst to my own catastrophe; the little sunbeam among the rays of sunlight. I self-sabotage and self-love. I am still finding my equilibrium and you can hear my confusion resonating through my words as I stumble and fall. So, until then, I will keep on writing and share my experiences and thoughts.

I am looking forward to that day when I can finally say that I, indeed, made a difference.

vienna noreen is one of the things I am proud of, and I can’t thank you enough for reading my crafts. I hope I can reach you somehow and can serve as your another source of light even though I have my own darkness, too.

If you like my blog enough, you can Buy Me A Coffee to support me fund and pay for my domain. I also have a couple of affiliate links that you can use for your purchases that will allow me to receive a small commission.

🧡Thank you if you will help me! I appreciate you!🧡


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