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⚫️ Every post written here is the product of my real life experiences and/or whimsical notions.

⚫️ All opinions, thoughts, and feelings stated are mine alone and should not (in any way) affect and be used against the people around me and my career.

⚫️ There might be posts that are different from other people’s views, but please do know that I respect your opinions and beliefs – please respect mine, too. Though if my words somehow offend you, my contact page is always open for discussion.

⚫️ Some posts might be outdated like prices under my product and food reviews. I put [Edit] on the posts when I try to update them.

⚫️ Please do not repost any content without permission. Otherwise, give proper credit to when words blend or viennanoreen.com

⚫️ Photos are mine or from free stocks unless a 「DISCLAIMER: *link」 is noted at the end of each post.

On Ads and Affiliate Links

when words blend uses affiliate links in attempt to get commissions and keep this blog running. These affiliate programs provide small commission when you purchase from their respective sites using when words blend links. It does not affect the original price of your purchase. It does not cost you anything, please use it when you can. 🙏

when words blend is currently a free site and trying to accumulate funds to get back its premium plan. Hence, I don’t have any control in the ads that pop up here except my affiliate links. Please don’t let it disrupt your reading experience, I love to see you here. Thank you for being here 💙

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