I’ve been revamping this blog waaay too much for roughly 3 years. From starting off as dailyslicesoflife to living betweenthepages and existing as The Wanderess, I decided to make it more personal this year. Last summer, I got a new domain with my real name. This month, I finally settled down on a coffee theme! With that, I am also trying to edit everything—from header to featured image, logo and signature. It’s kinda hard but at least (I think) I’m growing as a blogger. And since I’m all set with my concept, I fixed my Categories. Here are the things you will see most in this blog:

COFFEE CUPSas someone who is highly caffeinated, my writings are pretty much under the influence of too much caffeine. You will see more posts here, regularly. You can also buy me a coffee to help me run this blog for a very long time.

  • EPIPHANIES—I love writing down anything that comes to mind. Whether it’s a petty idea I thought while at the mall, topics I’ve talked about with colleagues or deep shits I converse with friends at ungodly hours.
  • FROM ME TO YOUmy own version of letters I’ll never send. A bit personal more than anything else here.
  • MUSIC—here I’ll share you my playlist and I’ll bring you to concerts with me.
  • TRAVEL—I haven’t been in much places but that’s one of my goals ever since I can remember. I have here stuff I vlogged—mostly adventures and misadventures.

POETRY—since the birth of this blog, you’ve probably seen so much of my poems already. This was what I solely write before I decided to bloom trees instead of just flowers. I’m also exploring different kinds of poetry now. I used to do it in free verse, now I tried doing haikus and couplets. More soon.

BOOKSI’m getting back to reading and now doing reviews. I also post hauls once in a while or my book signing experience when I go to one. I am affiliated to Book Depository and you can use my link to purchase books from them.

REVIEWS—I really think reviews exhaust my English vocab but exploit my way of describing things. Hahaha! I’m doing food reviews, some of my favorite stuff, Korean and Japanese Drama series, and local movies.

GIVEAWAYSI do giveaways every now and then as my way of saying thank you to my readers. I am so grateful to have you.

CHAT BOXplease send me words. I really appreciate comments and criticism about my writing. By that, you’ll be helping me grow. You can also suggest what you want me to write about because you matter and this blog wouldn’t be living well if it’s not for you reading it. I’ll be glad to do your requests like reviews, hauls and tips. If you find emails too formal, though, you can just comment down here or reach me on my other social media sites. If you want to go anon, my Curious Cat is open.

Thank you for reading! You give me reason to go on and pursue what I love doing most. I hope you’ll stick around. xx


© January 2018


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