If I Disappeared from this World, Who On Earth Would Be Sad for Me?

Ah, it’s been so long since my last post about a Japanese drama. I think it was earlier this year when I asked Miggy to suggest JPN dramas and he mentioned The Girl in the Sunny Place and this one, If Cats Disappeared from the World. While the former has a good story and great actors—not to mention that it broke my heart as well, in a good way—it is too fantasy for me. The latter, well, I thought we’re going to really see how the world will go on without cats. I mean, that would be really sad. 世界から猫が消えたなら has so much more to it.

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Cupping at Uggy Café with 18 Different Coffee Beans

Uhm, yes. You’ve read that right. Eight·een.

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KDrama Review | Because This Is My First Life

Last month, Dungis told me to watch this KDrama and said: “hindi ka masstress haha [you won’t be stressed]”. Usually, I go for tearjerker series. It gives me a reason to cry. I’d rather have that than cry with no reason. LOL But I thought, why not? Someone also suggested this to me on Twitter so I gave it a go.

BOY, I WAS STRESSED. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not because it’s bad! But rather it is way toooooo goooooood uwu!!!! There’s just so much to talk about!! Bear with me!

Don’t worry too much. It’s not like you know all about today just because you lived yesterday.

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KDrama Review | 1% of Something (2016)

“I’ve come to realize now that someone’s 1% of uniqueness can become someone else’s 99% of luck.”

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I Bought New Pens with My National Bookstore EPurse

You know how you don’t really need something but you still insist you need them and you really really really want them? Yep. That’s me with pens right now. 😂

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