Poetry | If Falling Stars are Fallen Souls

if falling stars
are fallen souls
where will I land?
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Poetry | When Will Spring Come?

my favorite crystals
shining, falling
covering me
like the clouds
—or is it smoke?

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Poetry | Chaos in Abstract

It’s that time of the year again

when the world is too bright—

for my dark and heavy heart

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brown aesthetic silhouette

Poetry | The Universe Inside Me

I hope that you all find the galaxy and a blooming flower in your heart.

— Kim, Namjoon

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bts crystal snow

Poetry | Someday I Will Be Home

I’m watching your light

I’ll wait for you no matter where

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she dwells above the cloudbanks
each mass forms heavy raindrops
she grows sunflowers with her tears
until there’s a whole garden of fears

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She is never quite sure
of the road she’s taking
but “it’s okay”, she told herself
“no one is anyway”

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I will take your anxiety away
I will tuck you in at night—
and wish you a sound sound slumber.

I will take the dark clouds away
to draw sunshine above your head—
and paint spring into your sad sad soul.

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