A Year After

This time last year, it was raining while the dancing lights kept ablaze. And with cold fingers, I let the breeze seeped in. Since then, winter lives on in me. The snow burns, but it keeps me going; The heart bleeds, but it keeps on beating.  The emerald against the blue tapestry. I will remember. 잘했어 정현아 ~~ Continue reading A Year After

Poetry | Little Star

🎶turn the music on🎶

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Poetry | Empath

I don’t know
when it started

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Poetry | Gunshot

I remember
my hands shaking
but only for a second
then, I—
I pulled the trigger

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Poetry | When Things Collide

I am always in love
with the thought of
things colliding—

How the ocean
and the sky meets
in a landscape

How the sun
and the moon
cross through eclipses

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Poetry | Narcissus and the Lake

Everyday, I look at you
but you only see yourself

Everyday, I look at you
I never see myself

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