Fundraising Campaign to beat COVID-19 | Philippines

Every day, I wake up thinking about work – the things that I need to get done during my shift. How can I be effective in what I do? Every day, I laugh with my mother while having our morning coffee, thinking “ano na naman kaya uulamin natin?” Every day, I look forward to weekends so I can finally watch a new episode of It’s … Continue reading Fundraising Campaign to beat COVID-19 | Philippines

A Year After

This time last year, it was raining while the dancing lights kept ablaze. And with cold fingers, I let the breeze seeped in. Since then, winter lives on in me. The snow burns, but it keeps me going; The heart bleeds, but it keeps on beating.  The emerald against the blue tapestry. I will remember. 잘했어 정현아 ~~ Continue reading A Year After