There are many ways to die. There can be one reason to live and that’s enough for you to go on.

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#MMFF2016 | Seklusyon + Die Beautiful

I must admit that I am not a fan of Filipino movies. I watch more of foreign produced than our local ones. I’m not sure when did that happen because if I remember it correctly I’ve loved movies like Muro-Ami (1999), Bagong Buwan (2001) and the likes. All my interest went out of the window as I grew up. It could be because of the Western influence and they started to enter our theaters more than they should or it’s just really that Filipino films are getting worse and cliche. Though, it was kind of resurrected when I saw the indie film, That Thing Called Tadhana. Sounds cliche? I think not.

But mostly, I am not a fan of Metro Manila Film Fest. I don’t waste time lining up on cinemas during holidays to be part of it. Every year, it’s like the same movies again and again. That is cliche.

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