my tomorrow your yesterday summary

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

However, I really liked it because it gave me another thing to think about time. Time. Time. Time. It is a big deal, isn’t it? I thought, why do we keep complaining that time keeps on going faster and faster when in fact, it is just. It doesn’t fast forward or go backwards, it just goes on in a steady rhythm. Have you tried listening to the tick of the clock when the world is quiet and there is no sound but it and your heartbeat? Fact: I do that to calm my breathing when I am having attacks. Why do we hate time so much when we are the one using it? When we are the one spending it? Why do we blame time when we are the one who waste it? When we are the ones who do not use it right? How to use it right, anyway? How to live life the right way? Continue reading My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday

if i disappeared from the world

If Cats Disappeared from the World

Ah, it’s been so long since my last post about a Japanese drama. I think it was earlier this year when I asked Miggy to suggest JPN dramas and he mentioned The Girl in the Sunny Place and this one, If Cats Disappeared from the World. While the former has a good story and great actors—not to mention that it broke my heart as well, in a good way—it is too fantasy for me. The latter, well, I thought we’re going to really see how the world will go on without cats. I mean, that would be really sad. 世界から猫が消えたなら has so much more to it.

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i give my first love to you

What It Means to Live

I just finished watching I Give My First Love To You, a Japanese drama way back in 2009. There’s really something with JPN that connects with me. Perhaps because I grew up watching animés.

Before I started watching, I was about to make a review of it. The thing is, there’s this scene that made my brain gone haywire and I wasn’t sure about anything anymore. I just know that I have to write this down.

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