If I Disappeared from this World, Who On Earth Would Be Sad for Me?

Ah, it’s been so long since my last post about a Japanese drama. I think it was earlier this year when I asked Miggy to suggest JPN dramas and he mentioned The Girl in the Sunny Place and this one, If Cats Disappeared from the World. While the former has a good story and great actors—not to mention that it broke my heart as well, in a good way—it is too fantasy for me. The latter, well, I thought we’re going to really see how the world will go on without cats. I mean, that would be really sad. 世界から猫が消えたなら has so much more to it.

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I just finished watching I Give My First Love To You, a Japanese drama way back in 2009. There’s really something with JPN that connects with me. Perhaps because I grew up watching animés. Filipino 90s kids will probably relate. Where you at??

Before I started watching, I was about to make a review of it. The thing is, there’s this scene that made my brain gone haywire and I wasn’t sure about anything anymore. I just know that I have to write this down.

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