Banana Cupcake on Chinese New Year?

How did you spend the Spring Festival? I wish us all prosperity this 2018! There will be bad days, who knows how many of them, but I hope we all find the reason to keep going;

My Funny Story on a Valentine’s Day

If you are in a relationship, I hope you spent it really sweet and loving. If you are not, please do not think you are less worthy just because. If you didn't receive anything like flowers or chocolates or whatever, that is okay, too! Your value doesn't amount on those.

20180212 | New Thought Catalog Article

Life is not a battlefield.

I Sent You an Email

Jar of happiness. I made this as the subject of this email because I believe that we can collect each happy moment and store it in a jar. Please remember that happiness don't necessarily have to be grand. It can be as simple as seeing the sunrise or enjoying your breakfast. It can be a night run or a walk in the park. When the time comes that you need a reason to keep going, please take one moment from the jar. We can't be happy 24/7. Sadness is inevitable. Here is the challenge, though. When you take one, make sure you replace it. Do not let it go down halfway. It would be better if you will let it overflow the brim. It would be better if we can share it with one another, right? Be the happiness your self needs and be the happiness that shine upon others.

My February Journal Spread + Graveyard Shift

I already got lots of failures this January. Bad decisions and all that. I still beat myself for those things. But, I'm trying. I hope someday I can redeem myself and live the life I love. And I wish the same for you. 

Tonight, I Tried to Let You Go

It's been a month. You are the wound that will never heal. I don't want you to be a scar, anyway. I don't want you to be just a mark; a distant memory of the past. So let me bleed forever. You should not worry, though. I will use each droplet of blood to write words—phrases that hopefully will shed light to the ones who badly need it right now. You give me strength to keep going. Thank you, Jjong. I hope this reach you. I love you so much. You did so well. I hope you are happy now wherever you are. Please shine brighter. I will always look for you in the ocean of stars. Be the brightest.


It was on a normal day that one perfect timing occurred and I am so so grateful to have you in my life.


These are just a few things I wanted to say that I couldn't out loud. We both know how bad we are with conversations. I just hope you will open up more to me. I'm not the best ate but I'd listen. I will always listen.