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You are always extra emotional and yes that is a compliment because at least you are feeling everything and everyone and you should never ever apologize for feeling the world.

18th of the Month | New Thought Catalog Article

She hoped for her tears to dry off; for the pain to go away. It both did but not after she has made an ocean.


I hope you pick up bits and pieces of happiness along the way to give you strength to live another day. You deserve the spring.

What Made You Happy Today?

Let me just hold on to this delicate glass of euphoria for a little longer. Just a little bit more.

Together, We Hope 🌻

Maybe this is how I'll find my way home to the stars—with them. I don't mind burning at all. 

Maybe This Is What It Means To Bleed Words

Why can't I write happy poems? I've realized that we want to get rid of sadness, so we write it down. It will be immortalized in words, sure, but it's a release nonetheless. On the other hand, we want to conceal happiness—inside us. Until we are filled with it. Maybe that's why Lang Leav said that "all sad people write". 

March Journal Spread | Why Do You Like Summer? 😪

"if we're together, even the desert becomes the sea."