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What’s the Hardest Thing to Write?

Lately, writing has been one of the things I forgot how to do. Trying to come up with something, even just a word, has become such a tedious task that I just stopped trying.

Did I exhaust all the words inside me? It was frustrating, to say the least.

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Fundraising Campaign to beat COVID-19 | Philippines

Every day, I wake up thinking about work – the things that I need to get done during my shift. How can I be effective in what I do? Every day, I laugh with my mother while having our morning coffee, thinking “ano na naman kaya uulamin natin?” Every day, I look forward to weekends so I can finally watch a new episode of It’s … Continue reading Fundraising Campaign to beat COVID-19 | Philippines

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processing emotions + a year clean

Healing isn’t linear. I’m writing this now because I know there will be days that I might relapse again. I want to immortalize these thoughts into words so I can have a reminder to myself. I hope that it can be a reminder to you as well – that emotions are fleeting, but our words and actions are not. I hope we can live with fewer regrets.

Also, I believe that if we can be mindful of our emotions, be in touch with it, we can react in a way that won’t destroy ourselves and others. Continue reading processing emotions + a year clean

Are You Too Hard on Yourself?

I wonder why it’s easier to be gentle with other people than with ourselves. Have you thought about it? Are you hard on yourself? What does it even mean?

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