Sunday Currently Vol 6 | True Beauty and milkshake

It's a good Sunday. I got a free milkshake from my favorite café, so I thought I'd write a Sunday Currently as I savor every sip. 😌 Reading Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. I just picked it up again this week, and I feel like I want to read again from the start because there … Continue reading Sunday Currently Vol 6 | True Beauty and milkshake

close up photo of flowers

sunrise or sunset?

I love how the world succumbs to Midas touch during sunset. Everything glows and glitters with hues of fires and tangerines; tinctured with gold. It reminds me again how I used to love it more than sunrise. In an old blog post, I said: I love the sunset more than the sunrise. Sunrise sure does bestow hope. It makes … Continue reading sunrise or sunset?

you are in a much better place now

In every footstep, I watched the rain fell on the ground, leaving traces of silver on the grass. I felt each drop make a soft thud atop my head, slowly falling down through my forlorn face. I looked up and welcomed the cold sensation, breathing in the scent of the earth as the clouds continued … Continue reading you are in a much better place now

shadows on the wall

how can I do that?

I went down this rabbit hole called the existential crisis. I want to somehow make a difference, leave an impact, be someone that inspires people and lift them up, but how can I do that when I don't even pick up the pen anymore? When writing is the only thing I know I do best, … Continue reading how can I do that?

bicycle stuck in the flood

it’s storming outside…

It is the 1st of November. I am slumped on the floor of our tiny home with my three cats lying beside me, tucked under the blanket to keep us warm. I am having my second cup of coffee for today, and I thought I am going to write since the electricity is finally back … Continue reading it’s storming outside…

green ocean

Resistance: Resilience

I squinted towards the horizon, noticing the faint, soft glow of the sun as the clouds cascaded over it. It was a misty morning in Cebu, and it was nothing spectacular – but a scenery only morning people could experience nonetheless. It was nothing spectacular, except it was my first time in this city. The … Continue reading Resistance: Resilience

brown journal

The Sunday Currently Vol 5 | she is every woman

Okay, so I actually find it mind-blowing that the last Sunday Currently I did was two years ago. Wow. So yea, this is another attempt to write again and share what I have been up to. :') Reading Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982. Yes, I'm getting quite interested in Korean books and the English translation is … Continue reading The Sunday Currently Vol 5 | she is every woman

warm blanket and coffee

let’s take it slow

My heart pounded aggressively inside my chest, a protest for me to stop. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I ran. It has been a while, and it still felt like I was about to pass out. "One more lap," my brain answered stubbornly. And so, I continued to listen to my pulse beating … Continue reading let’s take it slow