On Van Gogh’s Last Words and The Egg

la tristesse durera toujours

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Why Do You Believe In God?

I met up with a friend last night and she said she’s going to the church. I’ve already mentioned before that I stopped doing Catholic practices but I still go to the chapel sometimes when I want some peace of mind. Last night, I went.

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Why Do We Get So Many Thoughts in the Shower?

I have always wondered if a lot of people get so many thoughts while taking the shower because I do. I think it’s the only time my mind actually gets (literally) pouring ideas. The funny thing is once I get out of the bathroom, they all vanish – as if I rinsed them off me as well. Like those dreams you remember so vividly when you wake up but can’t really get hold of it for so long. All gone. It’s frustrating, right? So, I’m writing this now while I still have them.

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I’m Neither an Atheist Nor Agnostic But I Don’t Have a Religion

“You cannot insult the faith of others.”

—Pope Francis

To be in the third most Catholic country in the world, it is hard to voice out your opinion about the religion. But, it was imposed. Not really a choice. It has been an “element of national identity”.

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