All of us is a fan of something--a book, a movie, an actor or even a BAND. Obsessing (though we sometimes prefer "Dedication" than the O word) over someone, is such a bittersweet thing. We tend to become bitter because of the thought of not getting what we want--signed books, merch, concert tickets, and the… Continue reading THAT GIRL IN THE CROWD


Most of the times, our love for books make it to the point where we view life in a very idealistic way. We often forget that it's our job to write our own story--though not perfect, though not ideal--it's something real, it's something we can call us ours. Every night, I read a book Few… Continue reading FICTION ADDICTION


When you read too many novels, your ideal life has become more of a fiction than reality. When we read too much, we often forget to write and live our own story, we often forget that our book is as vintage as the best book ever written. This poem is all about that.. Surrounded by… Continue reading VINTAGE STORY


Have you really moved on if you still see your ex in someone else's persona?


I just finished reading Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler and it minced my heart into bits and pieces. The book left me thinking "Why there are people who get stuck between #1 and #2?" Why there can't be just one. Then, I remember this line from Colleen Hoover's Maybe Someday: "People don't get to choose who… Continue reading WHY WE BROKE UP


I don't want to like you because you remind me of someone. I want to like you because of you. Good thing, you're off limit. I can keep my distance.


We always look forward to the future. Of course, you can't look forward to something that has already happened in the past or right this very moment. But because of too much focus for it, the present gets obscure. We forget to enjoy every single second of today. Future. Future. Future. Death is faster. You'll… Continue reading DEATH


Yesterday, during lunch at the office.. "Long Distance Relationship" has been talked about. How it works for other people and why it doesn't for others. I always love to hear other people's view of things because it amazes me how we are all kind of similar and different at the same time. LDR, I was like… Continue reading IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY