I am only accepting POETRY BOOKS FOR NOW. Please come back again next time for other genres.

Pending book reviews:

  • On the Occasion of a Wedding
  • The Last Straw
  • Legacy of Dolyn
  • Timing the Infinite


I am now accepting book review requests and hoping that the intensity of reading that I used to have will once again ignite. No, I won’t be doing cover reveals and blog tours. This is a personal blog, not a book blog. I just really want to do this for the love of books. Given that my viewers are pretty much readers as well. I can host a giveaway for you, though.

Format Preferences:

  • Ebook — in ePub file please. I am trying to decrease the amount of books that I have. However, I can still accept paperbacks for Instagram posts. If I really really like the book, I will keep it. If not, I will do book donations.

NOTE: I live in the Philippines. I will not be responsible of the shipping fee ⌋

Preferred Genres:

  • I do not have. I want to explore more genres and do reading diversely. Surprise me of what you have there.

What You Will See In My Review:

    • Title
    • Author — I do not link author websites and whatnot but I can and that depends on you if you want me to
    • Ratings — (see below)
    • Purchase link — I am a Book Depository affiliate so that is my priority link. But you can tell me where else the book is available and I can put that, too.
    • Blurb — usually from Goodreads and what I think of it
    • Style — type of perspective, genre, writing format (is it written like a diary? typical narrative? changing POVs?)
    • Story — what I think of the book in general. Is it too clichéd? Unique story? Strong plot?
    • Characterization — I am a sucker for a HUGE character development. I talk non-stop about the characters – all my love and frustrations for them will be penned down.
    • Quote to Ponder — I want to be a little extra and end my reviews with a bang. I want something that the readers will think about even before they read the actual book. I think that spice up everything.

Book Review Ratings:

Obviously, my blog is coffee-themed so my ratings should be in coffee cups. I do not rate as low as 1. I think that is too evil. There should always be a little something in that story of yours. You worked hard for it no matter how other people think it is meh. Your effort should at least be accounted for. I barely give 5 cups as well. Unless I really really love it.


— Not a total meh but I just don’t like it. Not my cup of coffee but, whatever. It’s done. I drank the whole cup, anyway.


— This has potential. There is something in it I just can’t form the words. It is okay.


— Wow. This is my blend. It’s perfect for my taste.


— I love it! Can I have another cup of this??? How can you make such masterpiece???

Sometimes, I use half cups in between just for additional points.

Where Do I Post My Reviews:

    • Here on my blog. I have an index for books that I have reviewed, ordered by author. I also have a whole category for it.

I post on Goodreads as well.

All my blog posts are also shared on Tumblr, Bloglovin’ and LinkedIn. I can also make an edit of quote from the book to be posted on my Pinterest.

Other notes:

    • This is a free review. I will appreciate if you can buy me a coffee, though. Or use my Book Depository link. If only it is not too much to ask.
    • This is going to be a first in first served basis.
    • I hate deadlines. Give me at least a month to finish the book. Of course, that still depends on the queue of request I will receive.
    • I will decline a book if I think I won’t be able to do it in a reasonable time frame.
    • I will only prioritize a review that is paid. You can give me a deadline then if you are willing to. That can also be another means for me to keep my domain.

You can email me now anytime you wish: viennablogs@gmail.com — Subject Title: Book Review Request

For more question about this, you can also send that in the email above — Subject Title: Book Review Query

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