memory lapse and mild stroke

It’s been almost a week since I saw how my grandmother’s memory lapsed.

My aunt asked me to check on lola because she feels “different” last Wednesday night. She said lola seemed to start losing her grip, and her speech was different. It was indeed different.

I went to the their house like usual, I know lola will be there watching TV. But that day, I felt like I stepped inside a stranger’s house. It was messy – scattered pieces of paper, bags on the floor, even the couch was pushed away from the wall as if the house was robbed. Lola said she was looking for her money. She couldn’t remember where she put it because she was annoyed at my aunt. She said she forgets things when she feels irritated. She insisted that my aunt went to the market that morning and still not home around noon.

My aunt was at work; she wasn’t in the market.

I thought it was just the usual forgetfulness, so I helped her find the money.

We didn’t find it, but I found a PHP20 bill that was lying near the shoe rack outside. I gave it to her and went home.

A few moments later, I heard her calling for me. She was looking for the PHP20 bill I just handed her.

It was nothing unusual, except she was knocking on my uncle’s door instead of our house.

It was nothing unusual, except she was barefoot.

She looked like she was losing it.

Her body started to weaken until the left part of it finally collapsed.

She was brought to the hospital last Saturday. It was a mild stroke, the doctors said. She needed to be admitted, but there was no available room there. We thought of sending her to a better hospital, but they were asking for PHP7,000 deposit. Where the fuck do you get that money in an instant?

We sent her home, and didn’t leave her side since.

Last Monday, we got her CT scan. I don’t understand shit, but they said one of the veins in her brain has blockage.

She is now admitted in a better hospital, but cheaper than the one with 7K deposit.

She is better now, too. She looks better. Her speech is normal again. She has become more talkative, but it’s nice to know her memory still seems great (we test her now and then, “Who is this?”, “Kaninong anak si ***?“) The left part of her body is now gaining strength again than before.

Tomorrow, we are going to find out when she will be discharged, what maintenance she needs and all those stuff. I know for sure it’s going to be hella expensive and it won’t stop after we pay the hospital bills.

So now I’m thinking of doing freelance again. Here is my rate card. If you require my service, you can email me at (I have my CV and portfolio ready)

Prices are, of course, negotiable. I need to know first what project we need to work on.  And if you know someone who needs these services, at least refer me to them, please? Hehe Thank you so much!

I would appreciate any help as well! You can buy me a coffee or send me a $ on Paypal. Thank you; I appreciate you. <33

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