cat adoption

How I found my new cat through Twitter…

Social media is a black hole. You will always find yourself being sucked in as you scroll through. Sometimes, it is entertaining. For the most part, it is toxic. This, of course, depends on your content preference. Filters and block buttons are there for a reason.

However, we can’t also deny the fact that social media platforms are excellent avenues for spreading awareness; in promoting businesses or passion projects. Again, it is all about how we consume things; all these information on our screen.

Twitter is probably my favorite place to stay at because it is less personal. And as I was scrolling through my stan twt (if you know what is this let’s be friends!), I came across this tweet:

cat adoption


Unfortunately, I can’t adopt her. I already have 4 cats at home. There would have been 10, but the others disappeared out of nowhere.

My pets are stray cats that just magically appeared on our doorstep, and of course, the more you feed them, the more they would stay. So stay they did until days turn to a year and so. I gave them names; I play with them. They make me sane. I hate how I become so attached and emotionally dependent to them, too. Sigh.

Anyway, I really want to have someone to save this cute liddol kitten. I remember a friend of mine asking me before if I have a cat he could adopt. So, I messaged him and he said bring it to him.

I messaged Gian, the savior of the liddol kitten, and we decided to meet halfway. She’s from Cavite!

kitten on a carrier


Gian told me that she found the liddol kitten on the streets where some kids were mistreating the poor kitten. The kids even told Gian if she wanted to buy it. “Ate, gusto mo ng pusa? P5 lang,” Gian recalled. My poor liddol kitten.

She was so scared at first when we met. I didn’t expect her to be so liddol. I fell in love at first sight, but I told myself she’s not mine. I’d call her Mercury (ahahaha) if she’s mine, but my friend called her Ginger. Ed Sheeran. Ginger hair. 👀

But fate is a funny thing. A misadventure happened that I had no choice but to take Ginger home with me. I didn’t know how to tell my mother. She’d be so upset. It stresses her out that I keep so many cats. I was shy to tell her I’m bringing home another one.

aloe vera gel

When I got home, I cried. I cried so much to her. It’s hilarious thinking of it now. I told her I wanted to keep Ginger and that I can’t give her away – let alone throw her away. I didn’t swallow my anxiety to be a horrible person who lets a cute liddol kitten go astray.

I know there are lots of cats out there who manage on their own. I know they have survival instinct. But the fact that we went through so much just to get her, it just doesn’t feel right. I’m just really grateful that my mother is very kind and considerate.

So I keep Ginger; she’s home with me.

My other cats didn’t take it easy at first, especially the two big ones (that are not in the photo). The one lying down, Ganda, has always been nonchalant. She just doesn’t care at all; the picture perfectly captured her attitude on a daily basis. The one judging, Itim, plays with Ginger now. He’s always judging, and the epitome of this emoji: 😒

the other two are probably somewhere on the roof – they are aloof 🤣

5 CATS. How am I supposed to survive feeding them? Please donate through Ko-FI or Paypal or just might as well send me cat food. 😂 Here are the food they eat if you are willing…

cat food and milk

Thanks for reading my little story about cats. I have truly become a cat mom. 🐱

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