2 thoughts on “How to Retrieve Your Lost Instagram Account – You Can’t

  1. Wow lol! How annoying! But I’m having mixed feelings tho: annoying and impressed. Does that make sense? hahah. I’m impressed by how strict they are in following guidelines/protocol for security — but still annoyed at how they can’t offer other ways for you to retrieve your account back. Hay nako. I guess sign na ito ng universe to “let go of the past?” charot. hahah. Baka it’s time to start anew na talaga. (Parang Jollibee commercial lang).


    1. it makes sense coz same sentiments! but i find it ridiculous that after sending my picture holding that code shit they sent, they still couldn’t tell it’s me? 😂 I have plenty of pictures with my face in that account or maybe coz I gained weight and my skin aint clear anymore? 🤔 lmfaooo yea, just letting go ahahaha! it just bummed me that I can’t remember 😂


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