April Monthly Journal Spread + blog goals and life purpose


How are you doing, my friends???

I am back with my monthly spread that is not really that creative but I am happy with it, anyway. That’s what matters. 😝 It is very simple and there is not much of a story behind it like the previous month. I just feel like using green because when I went outside, nature is actually bright and blooming.


I don’t know how I would describe my March. How was your March??? I actually do not feel that it has gone by so fast. I mean, in general, days seem to pass by in a blink but March felt steady. I don’t know? It was heavy, though.

Maybe it has to do with the movies I’ve watched. 😂

  • Along with the Gods (Korean)
  • Pained (Korean)
  • You are the Apple of my Eye (Taiwanese)
  • Drowning Love (Japanese)

For April, I had all these movies and animes recommended by Bangtan. Some I’ve already watched before I found out about them and the others are just my recent watch. I already strikethrough everything that I have finished. The rest would be the ones I’m going to watch this month. You can also recommend on the comments below! I love watching ~


Sadly, I did not finish any book! Meaning, I have to focus 💔 I actually picked up The Sun Is Also A Star (edit: I binge read last night and I’m almost done with it now!!!) and The Language of the Stars but I’m just not at it. It isn’t because the books are bad, I just have a terrible time focusing. I will try again this April and will give you a great review 🙂 I also open a book review request hoping that it will get me back on track of reading.

March was insane, writing-wise. I wrote about 15,000 words for my freelance job and I posted 17 times on this blog. 😱 Insane is definitely the word to describe my March. Posting regularly does really help my stats.

It gained me 25000, then 26000, then 27000. WOW 🍀

It is true that we should stop seeking for validation through likes, follows, and shares. But, when you are actually blogging and pouring your soul for the world to either appreciate or neglect, it is fulfilling to have huge traffic.

Also, I am really hoping that through this blog, I can get myself friends in poetry community or better yet, a publisher for my dream poetry book. I am really really really working on it now. The concept is all set. I wrote about this last year and I shared a piece. However, things have changed and the concept I have thought of then turned differently now. ARGH. I can’t disclose it yet but I am really really excited about it!!!! So yes, I really can’t thank you enough for reading my crafts here. You brought this change. You are a blessing to me.

blog stats.jpg

When I decided to take blogging seriously on September of 2016, I felt like I’m not really getting anywhere. Yet. Look at it now. All the hard work is really starting to pay off. From about 300 views to 120 visitors monthly to 2,200 views and 1,100 visitors now. I hope one day those numbers will be my daily stats. Let me dream 😜

I am really working on expanding my audience outside my personal circles. So, thank you if you are already following me on Twitter. My tracker says I gained 110 followers! My Instagram is progressing slow, though. I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I do not have my iPhone anymore and I’m using this old Samsung Fit and it’s not doing its job for good pictures 😅 But, as you can see, I pretty much organized my Highlights. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

I’m ecstatic to write about this on my journal. Usually, I do not have a weekly log. But, like I said, it has been crazy lately that I can’t remember the days anymore or the things that I should do 😂

On this spread, I put four boxes in one page and I left the other side blank compared to the usual weekly log of others who do BuJo. The other side will serve as my diary if I feel like writing about my days in details. Gotta work on some narratives, ayt?


I should learn how to work on a habit and mood tracker, too. Maybe through that I can have a better mindset for goal setting. Maybe next month?

I am also contemplating of posting every other day because look how messed up my calendar is!! Do you have schedule of posting? How often do you post? Let us help each other on this! 😆

That is probably it for my journal and blog goals.

You are probably reading this now because you are either a blogger yourself or you just stumble on this tiny space of mine in the web. Either way, let me ask you what your goals are for this month? Personally, tracking our goals will give us a sense of purpose. I hope we do not lose that. Our purpose will help us keep going. It does not matter if it is for yourself or for others, as long as it is there. This purpose will help us try to live at least for another day (and another more).

Van Gogh’s last words were “the sadness will last forever”. I hope it won’t. Let us hold on to Thomas Edison’s “it is very beautiful over there.”  Wherever you are now, I hope it is really beautiful there and that you are “happy—”. I think Raphael’s last words were meant to be suspended in the air like that. Happy— 

That em dash can be our semi colon.


Happy Easter and Happy April Fools (whichever you celebrate)!!


45 thoughts on “April Monthly Journal Spread + blog goals and life purpose

  1. I loved this post! I never thought about doing a monthly blog update! Congrats on your views going to 27000! I followed you on twitter and instagram✨ I can’t wait to read more posts! Happy Easter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much, kelsey!!! i followed you, too 🙂 and Happy Easter!!! I can’t wait to read more posts from you as well. My favorite one from your latest is the science of happiness! it is very timely 🙂


  2. I hope you enjoyed your time off from WordPress. And I really wish that you get that publisher soon, after all I need to buy your book. 😊
    March was pretty hectic and busy for me. It ended on a great note though and for the month of April, I am hoping to finish at least 3 books.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it was refreshing. i was able to do adult stuff while I’m not blogging hahaha i will give you my book for free 🙂 so let us hope it happens!!!

      i’m glad it ended well and i hope your April 1st is okay 🙂 let us get into reading! are you planning to read namjoon’s recommendations? let me know what you will read then so I can catch up and let’s discuss it after because we are trash hahaha


      1. Do you not sleep oh nocturnal creature? It’s past midnight in Philippines, isn’t it? Haha Yeah, I’m planning to read Joon’s recommendations. Still yet to finish Demian,been too lazy lately.The book isn’t even that long. I need to stay off the internet for a while. After I complete that, I’ll probably read Kafka on the shore.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT I CHECKED THE TIME IN NEPAL AFTER I REPLIED TO YOUR COMMENT???? Now I am so mindblown that you mentioned the time too!!! Hahahaha! i just woke up like 2h ago. I have a messed up body clock. I will read Demian after I read this one I am on right now. Then I’ll read Kafka, too. I haven’t finished Unbearable Lightness of Being yet. Idk why I can’t finish it. The story is deep and it’s sad and it’s complicated.


        2. Woahh Telepathy? 😅 And wow your body clock is definitely messed up. I can’t stay awake past my normal bedtime.
          Let’s discuss about the books after we both complete them!

          Liked by 1 person

        3. p.s : Have you listened to the boys new songs from the Japanese album? I love “Let go”. Give it a listen!

          Liked by 1 person

        4. lemme butt in hehe. if you finish it on time, BTS Book Club is hosting a book discussion on Demian on the 15th via YT chat or Discord

          Liked by 1 person

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