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KDrama Review | 1% of Something (2016)

“I’ve come to realize now that someone’s 1% of uniqueness can become someone else’s 99% of luck.”


The story revolves around Lee Jae In (Ha Seok Jin), a chaebol, and Kim Da Hyun (Jeon So Min), a school teacher. Lee Jae In has the charm and looks but he is arrogant and cares about nothing but money. His grandfather wants to teach him a lesson. The old man arranged another fix marriage for him. This time around, it is not with a wealthy woman who can benefit SH Group but with Kim Da Hyun who is a simple school teacher. Lee Jae In’s grandfather insists that he needs to marry Kim Da Hyun to get the SH Group. The two hated each other at first and you all know what happens next.

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It is a typical story but it is light and fun so I enjoyed it a lot! It doesn’t have a major twist and it’s not even problematic. If you are in for just kilig (!!!!!!! I have to emphasize this) and all those funny (!!!!!!!!) stuff, then this is for you!


Lee Jae In has a really sad childhood. Maybe that’s also the reason why he really devoted his life to their family business. He made himself busy all the time that he doesn’t have time to feel that much. He is first depicted as a “monster” of some sort as a boss, but he is a softie inside. Again, typical. But really, he is too cute! (especially when he is jealous!)

Kim Da Hyun is a simple school teacher. She goes on a blind date because her parents want her to marry a herbalist. She is not your damsel in distress, but she is too sweet for this world. She fights for what she thinks is right and always has her heart on her sleeve.

And together, they just click. I MEAN ~


💭 When I searched about the cast, I saw that this one is a remake. I haven’t watched the one released in 2003 yet so I can’t really compare. Despite of being shot on 2016, this still gave me a classic vibe like that of Save the Last Dance For Me. I don’t know. It just feels like I am back in those years!


💭 There are annoying characters, but there are also ones who you can connect with like Han Joo Hee and Min Tae Ha. There wasn’t much of a character development as it is fast paced. Though I can say that Lee Jae In has been developed okay, it would be better if his past has been established pretty well. I would also appreciate it if he is more of a shitty person but Da Hyun broke his barriers without much struggle. Well, maybe that is really her magic that is why the grandfather chose her for Lee Jae In.

💭 I really like the concept and the message of the story. That 1% can make all the difference. I don’t believe things happen by chance because life is a series of everyone’s choices and decisions. If you act upon that 1%, then that is when you move your fate. The possibilities are endless.

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💭 Also, I don’t make the rules. Da Hyun has said it:


How is your binge watching going so far? Have you watched this already? Let me know what you think of the series on the comments below. I would love to fangirl with you all. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THESE TWO. THEY ARE SO CUTE!

Here’s the trailer:

You can listen to the full OST here.

What are you currently watching? Sharing is caring! Maybe I can put that on my list as well. 🙂

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17 thoughts on “KDrama Review | 1% of Something (2016)

        1. It’s brilliant!! It’s a mystery/thriller/suspense…Really amazing storyline and great characters too.

          I love j-dramas too but the problem is that they tend to not be subbed on time like k-dramas. I tend to avoid watching dramas until they’ve finished airing anyways because it’s painful waiting for episodes to upload lol.


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