Book Review | Seeds Planted in Concrete

When I said that I’m going to make time for books again, I really want to commit to it. Hence, my first review for 2018. I hope you’ll like it.

I’ve always wanted to read this book since I found out about Thought Catalog. Bianca Sparacino is one of my favorite writers from the site. Not to sound bias, what really gravitated me towards this book is the cover. It’s an abstract! Also, the title reminds me of the quote: “bloom where you are planted”

Whether you are into poetry and prose or not, I hope you can give this one a try. This made my soul feel at ease. The impact and words remain—tattooed in my whole being. I mean it in the most sincerely poetic way possible ✨


TITLE: Seeds Planted in Concrete

AUTHOR: Bianca Sparacino

RATINGS: ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

Available in (physical and digital copies):

Thought Catalog

Amazon (Kindle Edition)

Seeds Planted in Concrete Website

You can also get an audio version from: Audible



For those who loved me like a soft dawn

For those who loved me like a hurricane

These first two lines already caught my interest. I’ve always said that life is a one big paradox; that nothing is absolute; that there’s something good in the bad and bad in the good. We, human beings, are self-conflicted like that. Most times, we are always in between things—neither this or that. Most times, we are a mixture of both. To stick to what the book seems to be all about, it is divided into two parts:

to hurt to feel

to love to heal

Each page speaks contrast. How there is flaw in beauty; hope in chaos; smile in tears. It focuses on yourself. It is empowering. What I also love about this book is that it is gender neutral. My feminist ass is satisfied. Bianca did a great job mentioning both men and women who might be going through the same thing. After all, this is all about surviving, loving and caring for oneself and others. Life in general knows no gender. We are all humans trying to live.

I bookmarked some pieces to highlight and talk about here so you will get more into the book and understand what I mean: