I Bought New Pens with My National Bookstore EPurse

You know how you don’t really need something but you still insist you need them and you really really really want them? Yep. That’s me with pens right now. 😂

I started the year customizing my journal and I think pens are very essential. Not that I use fancy pens. I don’t have the money for them. 🤣

I don’t know what has gotten to me the other day that I really wanted new pens. But, I’m too broke. Lol! Times like this, you will remember your cards. I know I still have points in my National Book Store card. I got new pens, an index sticker and a washi tape. I spent PHP0.00! I’m so happy 🤓🤓

Items I got:

CRAFT EASY Index Sticker – PHP47.00
BIC Round Stic EZ – PHP10.75/each
CRYSTAL Water Base Pen 0.4 – PHP15.50/each
FABER CASTELL CX Colour – PHP14.75/each
SPARK Washi Deco Tape – PHP47.00

I forgot, I also got DONG-A Gel Pen Black 0.5 for PHP57.75. That’s in total of PHP254.75. I know there are places where I can get cheaper washi tapes and stickers (like in Pandayan) but I can’t afford to spend a centavo so why not use the card, right?

I used to think that these cards are just not much of anything because you need to spend anyway to gain points. Like, way too much before you even acquire a single point. That’s just capitalism right there. Hahaha! But, in desperate times like this, it can be of help, too.


What pens are your favorite? And since you are already here, maybe you can recommend pens that I can use to practice calligraphy? Let me know, please 🙂


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vienna noreen

vienna is a highly caffeinated writer who aspires to make a difference through her words; if she's not writing, she's probably reading books and fangirling over Bangtan.

6 thoughts on “I Bought New Pens with My National Bookstore EPurse

  1. I love stationery and pens but the (wannabe) minimalist in me cringes everytime I want to buy new ones. I always think “NOOOO YOU DON’T NEED IT” but just like what Victoria said, Muji pens are amazing that I bought a lot when in Japan, also bought those BIC pens at National. So yeah, minimalism fail, lol.

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    1. aaaaaa okay i’m getting those Muji pens. hahahahaha i wrote sa journal ko pala, ate: “it’s midnight and I’m thinking of being a minimalist”. the next morning, I went thru my books to see which ones I can send off for donations/giveaway but I just can’t do it. HAHAHAHA! not yet 😦

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