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Hi ~

I can’t believe we’re on our last day of the year! Does time really fly so fast or we just forget to slow down? It’s crazy how so much can happen in a day. What more in 365 days, right? I thought I lack in blogging but looking back, I think I posted just enough. Well, I think. 😅

To wrap my blog 😎 life this 2017, let me do a recap of my posts. I also have a list of my favorite blogs and entries, just in case you want to reread or you fancy new reads.

Shall we begin walking down memory lane?

I didn’t realize I posted 38 poems. I have others that I haven’t shared yet but you can check my Top 10 Favorite Poems here. I included like a really short “background story” in each.

I do self-loathing thinking that I am not the bibliophile I used to be before. I only did 7 Book Reviews. 😪

I really want to get back to reading. I feel like I get more sad because I don’t have the heart to do what I really love doing before. So, that will be a big step for me to take. Please recommend some books, too. I want to avoid YA as much as possible. My 2016 stacks are still stacks. Lol! 🤓

2017 is also the year I immersed myself in Korean Dramas. Here are my reviews. They are not much because I still tried to restrain myself from binge watching. It really does eat a lot of my time 🤧

I haven’t finished my review of While You Were Sleeping yet. That will be up this January. What are you currently watching? I want to watch more because KDramas make me reflect so much about life. I need that. Hahaha!

I also picked some of my posts that are the closest to my heart. These are the words that are sincerely honest; the most painful and hopeful. I hope these words reach you.

₍₍Writing it down feels weird but I didn’t even bat an eyelash in the thought of dying. I think it is more scary to not know when. Death doesn’t necessarily scare me. What comes after that is what I’m actually more concerned about. Will I turn into an angel? Will my soul be at peace? Will I burn in Hell? Will I be stuck in a limbo? I don’t know. I just really want to live right now.

Here’s to living life in the most happiest we could be. xx⁾⁾

⇀If I Only Had 3 Months Left to Live↼


₍₍But never, not even once, did I feel good about my body.⁾⁾

⇀Fat and Ashamed↼


₍₍You don’t need saving, you just have to heal.⁾⁾

⇀To the One Who Has Been Cheated On↼


₍₍I used to say that life is one big labyrinth. I just realized how pessimistic that sounds. It’s like confining myself within these walls. What if instead of finding the exit, we find our way through? What if instead of finding the answer, we look for the meaning?⁾⁾

⇀What It Means to Live↼


₍₍I hope you are all doing well. You don’t need to worry about me. I’m fighting my battle just fine. I believe in myself. You should, too.

Love yourself. You matter. I love you and I appreciate you. Keep going;⁾⁾

⇀You Don’t Question Suicide Please Shut Up↼


“we’re never really ready,
and we’re never really showed,
how the real world is,
the outside is always so shadowed.”

the train ride to adulthood (semi’s world: from fiery souls bloom fiery flowers)

“Because this time, you not only cry for the lost person – you cry for the lost memories. And it’s okay. Tomorrow you will smile again. You will laugh and live like nothing is wrong until that day when the pain peeks out again and the cycle repeats.”

on loss and pain (mel’s musings: from thoughts to words)

Of blood
From your wrist
Showing you
How delicate
Your life is.”

droplets (reveries of junice)

“Today is the day I have figured my life out. There will be no turning back, now is the best time for me to keep moving.”

point of no return (the wallflower’s sphere)

“I write to remember. I write because I want to inspire other people with my own words. I write to serve as an inspiration to others who also aspires to become a writer of their own. “

for whom do i write? (votre memoire: through the memories of your past comes the most beautiful moment in your life)

“Once you have a clearer mindset on how you want to live your life or what matters in it, your whole perspective about life changes.”

minimalism dreams (kat)

“our race is especially annoying because a lot of us pretend to be “religious” and high and mighty but has really problematic attitudes”

on entitled motherfuckers & the stupid mentality of Filipinos (a blog by victoria)

“I wonder though why our brains keep all these memories, all these data, all these information when the moment we die it will all just die with us. What is the point? Will knowing about the name of the stars in Orion the Hunter help me find a job? Will easily pointing out Cassiopeia in the sky help ease my nerves when I’m in a new situation?”

metaphors and the midnight sky (i am that small girl)

Remember those quiet evenings?

Those November evenings huddled behind my lightless Christmas tree was the portion of my childhood that I miss the most. The cold weather making my stomach churn whilst my hopeful eyes long for a warmth during every holiday season.”

within solitude (grimmatter: bless this mess)

“I practiced self care to help get myself together and be a brand new person. It was really helpful, because you know, the only person that can take the best care of yourself is YOU!”

self-care is necessary (d r e a m g a z e)

“The sun peeping through her window wakes her up,  her lips then breaks into a smile as she opens her still dreamy eyes whilst her mind goes on to thinking about what is more beautiful than waking up in a comfortable bed, in a gorgeous cheery bright morning with the intoxicating smell of brewing coffee wafting in the air.”

warm mornings (gerrytology: my daily does of reality with a shot of fantasy)

“In life, we don’t live to keep winning. We live, to keep learning.”

tanggapin mo ung pagkatalo mo (life of an introvert)

“I knew it is love, not because I see her in my future, but because I want her to be it.”

certainty and uncertainty (hey it’s odee: cnstntly reinvntng)

“I still bought sketchbooks and colouring materials over the years but didn’t follow through with using them for a very very long time. ‘I will never be THAT good anyway,’ I thought. A very good friend told me recently ‘comparison is the thief of joy.’ She’s right.”

more epiphanies (bess clef)

“Parehas na nating tinapos ang ating termino sa Gitnang Silangan at mula sa disyerto ay napadpad na ako sa isla.  Sabik na akong malaman kung saan ka pa makakarating.  Sana doon, sa lugar kung saan tayo ay pwede mag Kita Kita.”

ang layo na ng narating natin (aysabaw)

I guess that’s it. I realized I have lots on the list but it may take a really long while. 😂 I still have to finish my year-end post. Please look forward to it.

I hope you find the real meaning behind those words. Happy almost-2018! I will greet you again later. 🤣

trying to make this holiday a better one,