I still don’t know what I’m supposed to feel, what I’m supposed to hang onto or get rid of. I don’t completely know but I’ll keep trying to look inside myself and tell you about them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about feeling lost. I even posted a poem about a lost soul. I even asked Melanie and Junice about it. That is us, by the way. We always think of things too deep. When one will say, “I want to run away”. Someone will answer: “run away from what? Run to where?” Then the other will be “I want freedom. (sigh)” What is freedom, anyway? Of course, we are not definite of the answers.

That quote I used was from Namjoon’s post in fancafe. If you are reading through my blogs, you’d notice how much I am always moved by his words. I can feel that he can understand me so well. I love how he’s too honest of his sentiments. I love how he shares it to us. You never walk alone, right?


The moment it was posted, I asked my two lovelies if they think Namjoon feels lost. Days before this, we have agreed not to consider ourselves as lost. I’ve asked them if are we really lost? How can you say that you are lost? What makes us think that we are lost? Here’s my convo with Ju about it:


I also asked Mel to track down our conversation. HAHAHA! Thank you for this screenshot:


So, are you lost? I hope not. I hope you have these destinations in mind. Life is a journey after all. As long as you are trying to live it, you are on your way. We’re on our way. I hope we all get there happy. ☀️

Let me know your thoughts! It feels nice sharing these conversations with you.


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