I will take your anxiety away

I will tuck you in at night—

and wish you a sound sound slumber.


I will take the dark clouds away

to draw sunshine above your head—

and paint spring into your sad sad soul.


I will ease your depression away

but never ever the pouring rain—

let’s drenched and enjoy it together, as if we’re kids again.


I will always wipe your tears away

but never ever the wounds that come with it—

let flowers bloom in all your cracks and crevices.


We will never be a blank slate.

We are startdusts that live through time.


We can only create a new canvas—

new photographs and memories mingling with the olds.


I don’t know what Hope is.

I don’t know where to find Happiness.

I only know now


Let’s start from here..


Each cup matters. Let’s turn it into gifts and books. Buy me a coffee.

*Photos from featured image: Start | Here