I was always an unusual girl. My mother told me I had a chameleon soul, no moral compass pointing due north, no fixed personality; just an inner indecisiveness that was as wide and as wavering as the ocean.


Based on my Myers-Briggs personality type, I used to be The Campaigner. It’s funny because I couldn’t accept that fact. HOW AM I AN EXTROVERT? I hate going out. Most of my life, I’ve always been staying at home. Enjoying my alone time. Buried in books. Engrossed in animés. Writing the most cringey short poetry I wouldn’t want to recall anymore and drawing cute little fairies. (I LOVE THE W.I.T.C.H. COMIC BTW) I hate people. Kidding. I just can’t socialize. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends and I love them but you know—

The change in my personality probably happened when I joined Students Council in High School. I can’t remember now what convinced me to participate. I was the President in Senior Year, VP the year prior. That’s one way to get you a Leadership Award (how to graduate with honors tip #101). That was the time I got out of my comfort zone. I learned how to talk in front of people; to actually talk to people. Stage fright remains, though. Still, I am out of my box. Progress.

Then College came, I was back being a wallflower.

“Oh, I don’t know them.”

“What? They are from our Business Law class.”

“Oh, I still don’t know them.”

Friends, am I supposed to know everyone? 🤣 When third year came, 5 Seconds of Summer happened. I became a part of their street team just because I support and love them that much. That means hosting fan events for the base. I had to interact with fans. Not that it’s forced I was just not used to it. But I started to love talking to anyone in the fandom because we basically share the same interest. Then, I started going to concerts. I have learned how to interact with people. That’s how I became ENFP-T I guess. My extrovert self surfaced.

Until the other day, I took the test again. TWICE. I got INFP-T. You know what has changed? When I entered the corporate world, I don’t socialize anymore. It’s hard to catch up with old friends due to conflict of shifts. We are taking different paths now. I don’t attend fan events anymore. The amount of times I go to concerts lessen. I don’t really go out. It’s just work and home. I really prefer to rest on weekends after working hard on weekdays. My inner teenager is back. Misery Solitude has become my company again. It’s just normal that the way I answered some questions from the test have changed as well.

I am happy with this because The Mediators  are mostly poets and writers. It just fits my passion so yes, this is me.

My Extraverted and Introverted are pretty close. I might be (slightly) an ambivert.

mbti result.jpg

My result. It’d be nice if I am more of an Observant but I should answer the questions honestly. HAHAHA! Also, I am pretty emotional, you should know. I’m surprised by the difference of percentage on my Tactics and Identity. That’s how sure I am of myself in those departments. Heh. To be honest, this is pretty accurate. If you want to take the test, you can go straight to their website.

My personality type changed the moment I changed my perspective and lifestyle. You see, I am this and I am that. We can be whoever we want to be. We are our own.

How much more complex can we get, though? There were about 16 different personality types. There’s just so much going on in our minds and behaviors. But it amazes me how despite these uproar of personalities in us, we still manage to build camaraderie. Just wow. Long live us.

YES, I AM AN INTROVERT. I just thought I’d share this with you and maybe you can share with me too your type? I find this kind of study really cool and I’m just so curious about everything. Isn’t this interesting???


Posted by:vienna noreen

vienna is a highly caffeinated writer who aspires to make a difference through her words; if she's not writing, she's probably reading books and fangirling over Bangtan.


  1. I’ve been INFP for a while, but I certainly fluctuate too. When I was working in sales, I was more extroverted (and drained!); these days, I very much prefer my own space and occasionally seeing select friends I like/want to spend time with.

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