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I just want to sit down and talk about the BTS Highlight Reel. I’m so excited about this. It’s so mind fucking. I’ve been brain drained since Smeraldo. I’ve been theorizing ever since the K-Diamonds found out about the flower. There are so many interesting theories I’ve read and seen all throughout the web and I’ll link everything here.

We all know by now that Big Hit and BTS are not done yet with the Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa era. I haven’t been here for so long. I wasn’t a fan yet during that time but I’ve read all theories including the ones for Spring Day or even Blood Sweat and Tears.

What funny is most of it make sense but there seem to always be a loophole. Maybe because all these theories are not the concept on its entirety. They are just symbols and clues of what we might expect for the comeback. But, if there’s one thing I’m certain about is that, we’re about to see the end. Finally! Finally, we’re getting answers.

I’m not going to explain what their individual posters are all about or the teasers. We’re not going anywhere with that until they release the whole thing. Really. The Love Yourself series is obviously connected to Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa but how? We have these theories but we don’t really have the whole story line that’s why we’re still confused.

Most of us have believed this Demian/Sinclair theory. If I remember it right, it came from the BS&T. The signs/symbolism were there and all that. Then after the teasers, there is a theory that surfaced saying that the “girls” are actually their mothers. Still related to Demian.

I have my own theory that I got from BS&T and it’s about Eternal Recurrence by Nietzsche. He also played a role in the music video.

Some even said the girls are their conscience. I don’t know about that. But who knows?

Then when the teaser came out, I also saw this theory about BTS x Inception. This is probably the most accurate one but what happens to Demian/Sinclair if we’re going to stick to this concept?

Though, it’s easier to believe that they are in a dream within a dream within a dream. I even supported this in a thread. Well, does that mean No More Dream when it’s all over? Are we really going back in time that far?

As we reached the last teaser, time traveling/time loop/butterfly effect do sure look like the realest thing. But if Jin time travels, as some of you are claiming with this scene of the wormhole in the Japanese version of Blood Sweat & Tears and..

jin time travel

where he changes clothes (Spring Day has a mountain of laundry), why is Teahyung changing clothes with him? Why is Taehyung always on a train rail like Jin? Does he time travel too?

I KNOW, RIGHT? I can’t answer that. No one can answer that. Not today!

Then we’re all shookt when everything go backwards.

Taehyung jumped (Prologue)
Jungkook’s car accident (INU)
Taehyung killing his dad (INU)
Jin crying | petals (INU)
Jimin | bathtub (Lie Short Film)
Yoongi breaking the mirror (Run)
V and Jin fight (BS&T JPN)
Hobi pills | mirror (INU)
Jimin cold | bathtub (INU)
Jungkook and bad guys (INU)
Yoongi motel fire (INU)
Namjoon throwing cigarette down the money (INU)
Hoseok collapse on the bridge (INU)
V falls (intro Run)

It starts with Taehyung and ends with Taehyung.

It’s Taehyung’s timeline.

Year 10 – 2005
Year 22 – 2017
refer in HYYH notes in LY Her album

ARE WE REALLY GOING BACK IN TIME? Or is Big Hit just playing with us and uploading everything in reverse? Here’s my latest theory.

Music Videos. I’m excluding the Japanese versions. I’ll focus on these three obviously because they are the most connected.

I Need You was uploaded first on May 10, 2015

On Stage Prologue – October 1, 2015

Run – November 29, 2015

Now, you have to watch it in reverse for it to make sense. From Run to Prologue to I Need You.

In Run, we see how they are as a youth. How happy they are together.

If you remember, Namjoon once explained that Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa is a four idiomatic character. Hwa Yang being the shape of the flower, Yeon Hwa being the time/moment. Roughly translated to The Most Beautiful Moment in Life which they think is being Youth.

In Prologue we get to see their struggles and personal issues, the conflicts of the characters.

Then there’s I Need You. The growing apart. They are starting to take their own paths and own decisions in life.

Now, how do we connect the Love Yourself series. I really believe that the Love Yourself series is the end of the Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa era. It’s the conclusion. This is the Beyond The Scene of the three music videos I mentioned. I can’t believe even the rebranding has to do with this. Well, we shouldn’t be surprised since BigHit even set up a blog/a page/a flower shop for this YEARS back. LOL We’re going to see here what happened to them that lead them to where they are now. I don’t know. I can’t tell you what happens to who or if it is Seokjin who hit Jungkook that’s why he got into the accident? Though, I really believe it’s him. Maybe it’s Jin’s mistake so he wants to turn back time. Why there’s always a car crash?

Aside from that, this is how Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa to Wings to Love Yourself is connected.

As I’ve said before Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa is a four idiomatic character. It’s Chinese, right? Writing a story in Chinese has four parts as well:

  • Qi, is to present an argument or the opening (that goes for the RUN music video).
  • Cheng, to develop or elucidate (I’d say that’s the Prologue)
  • Zhuan, to turn the idea into a subtheme or to another view point. Notice how I Need You is almost identical to Run? Yes, just another view point. Then there’s:
  • Jie, to conclude. Love Yourself series is the conclusion.

Didn’t they release the Love Yourself teasers in four parts too? The last part concluding we’re going back in time?

Now, going to Wings. Butterfly has amazing wings, right? Butterfly is important to flowers. Still connected, I know. Butterfly life cycle has four steps—the metamorphosis. BTS started from the bottom, let’s say it’s the egg. Then the caterpillar, the feeding stage. The upa or the chrysalis, the transition stage. And finally the butterfly, the adult. Isn’t Kookie turning 20 now? Didn’t BTS just celebrate its 4th year anniversary?

Perhaps, Love Yourself is the end of the Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa to prepare us for the comeback. Remember the intro in The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt 2? It’s Nevermind. It’s a Nirvana song. In Bloom (yes we saw this in the Smeraldo blog as well) is the last single Nirvana released from the Nevermind album. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the start of a new era. Everyone has finally bloomed.

in bloom BTS

I don’t know. What do you think?

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I really think that the other music videos are just instruments for clues and all of them are combination of all Bangtan’s inspirations—it could be the animes they’ve watched. Notice how Love Yourself looks like a mixture of Anohana, Kimi No Nawa and Koe No Katachi. We can never know for sure. I just really love how these sub concepts/theme they use to spread mental health awareness. I STAN THE RIGHT GROUP.

I still have so much in my mind right now but I guess I’ll just end it here. Please comment down below what you think. I need to discuss it with you. I. AM. GOING. INSANE.



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