the sky drastically bursts in rays of pink
with a splash of ethereal serenity;
a tree stand in abscission but when I blink
it blooms with striking beauty.
the snow scenery now gone and forgotten
I stumble onto the lonely summer sea;
the greatest moments shattered and broken
I hope I can still reach out to thee.
there’s a collision of sunrise and sunset
somersaulting inside my heart’s core;
I am filled with what ifβ€”a painful regret
trapped in locked and chained door.
will I ever see your familiar face again
in this limbo of the butterfly‘s garden?

I tried writing a sonnet but obviously failed at the iambic pentameter. LOL This failed attempt doesn’t make this piece less emotional for me, though. I still like the outcome. I hope you do too. I’ll do better next time. Let me know what you think of the butterfly’s effect and why I wrote it like this. 😊