I was told that

there was a Woman

before I was bornโ€”

who almost broke our home.

I would be mad at him

if I was already alive that time

but I don’t think I have the right

to feel that hatred now.


She forgave but never forget.

Gone the family we once were.


I was told that

there was Another Man

while my bestfriend criedโ€”

crumpled and dying inside.

I would slap the girl

if given the chance

for breaking a heart

that’s dear to mine.


He now has his walls up

that even I, was blocked out.


I asked You,

“Why do people cheat?”

You straight up said:

“We all have our reasons.

and I think that’s Bullshit.

I was happy to let go

of you and your toxic



Boy, I should’ve known.