Hi! This content is really different from my other posts. I just really want to share what happened to me this afternoon. I thought it’s for keeps—this blog being my personal journal and all.

It was my lunch break and as per usual, I went to 7/11 with a colleague. I just always go for bread and juice so that’s the place for me. We were in the cashier queue when a Korean couple came in. THE GIRL IS ABSOLUTELY PRETTY AND THE GUY LOOKS LIKE HE CAME OUT OF A KDRAMA. 😍😍 A REAL LIFE OPPA! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They were talking and I REALLY HOPE THERE AND THEN THAT I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SPEAK KOREAN BUT NO I CRI—

Can you already imagine my feels then? The following scenes will be justified by that couple. I was too overwhelmed by them that it overflowed just waaaay toooo muuuuch!

We were about to head back to our office when I noticed a girl inside the elevator with a Wings Tour ticket attached at the back of her phone. I WOULD KNOW THAT WINGS TOUR LOGO EVEN FROM AFAR (GIVEN MY POOR EYESIGHT). What I did next was so humiliating but HAHAHAHAHA can you blame me?

In my high pitched ecstatic voice, I said: “ARE YOU A BTS FAN?????”

THAT was so dumb like of course she is, like duh, she has the ticket of their previous concert but anyway she looked so flustered! She was like: “You startled me!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But she was laughing and I was laughing too! I swear that was just rude of me! I didn’t even say “Hi!” or “Excuse me..” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! So, I kept saying sorry to her because of my introduction. What a nice first impression! But then she was all cool with it.


Me: So, how was it?

Her: It was so much fun!

Me: Who were closest to you the most?

Her: Mostly, JHope—Hobi? And Jungkook.

I think she didn’t know if she’s going to go by the stage names with me or like their pet names so she hesitated for a second

I told her I was jealous because I wasn’t able to go. She watched the Day 1. I told her I hope to see her again. She asked my name then she told me hers. I was just so happy! I even told her that it was nice meeting her. I even jokingly asked: “So which floor do you work?” HAHAHAHAHA I sounded like a freaking stalker.

It was a quick talk given the time inside the elevator. She works 3 floors down our office so hopefully we can bump into each other again. Sadly though, I didn’t have my phone with me so I didn’t get the chance to get her Twitter or something. Maybe next time!

I remember I also happened to see James, one of my friends now (through 5SOSFAM), in the same elevator. We didn’t know then that we worked in the same building. We have Team Ortigas now with Kim and Chin! I look forward to growing that squad even more. So if you work around the area, let’s hangout too!

It just fascinates me how our love for music or how our interests really helps us find new friends along the way. What a journey indeed.

I’m hoping to meet you as well! xx

MARK 5:36

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