bts haiku


I’ve been obsessed with haiku the past couple of weeks and I thought of making Bangtan as my muse. I know, you’ll say “again?. You are probably so fed up by now by the mention of them, but what can I do? They gave me back all my words and I want to take advantage of that.

Words are not always there to give justice to what we’re feeling—sometimes we stay blank and empty no matter how strong the storm of thoughts is in our heads. It can be suffocating sometimes we need a release.

I was listening to 4’oclock that I pondered about the color of dawn.

bts haikubts haiku

The shy pinkish glow in the sky just before the whole world comes to life. There’s always something deep and sad about Taehyung and I think dawn fits him well. On the positive note though, it is a beginning. A cry for a new day.

And when the sky turns to blue, it mirrors the ocean. It is calm. Even the dark night sky, though in different hue, looks tranquil as well. Seokjin gives me that sense of home and safety. It’s amazing how this one color makes me feel fireworks coursing through my whole body.

bts haikubts haiku

My hometown smells like grass and dragonflies; of morning dew and sunrise. Yoongi reminds me of that. Maybe a little bit of petrichor, too. This is my safe haven but I need to leave somehow to explore the world—just like what he did. He found his own spring among all the seasons that passed him by.

bts haikubts haiku

Hoseok always reminds me of yellow. The bright glow that radiates from the sun. He just looks so alive. All of him dazzles that we are too ashamed of ourselves to look at him. It must be tiring to fire yourself up for others.

bts haikubts haiku

In the afternoon, before the sun finally sets, it burns red across through the horizon. The power of nature always leaves me in awe. I used to think Namjoon is too ardent that it shames all the color. I thought wrong. His loving and passionate heart blends well with all. It beats for the whole stretch of the galaxies.

bts haikubts haiku

Until we hit the darkness. A day wouldn’t be a day without the fall of the night. Jungkook is this huge black velvet that blankets us through our sleep. He is both the backdrop for the stars and constellations himself.

coffee milk stylekorean

bts haikubts haiku

Having a sweet slumber, a pair of white wings appear in your dreams. We vision ourselves above cloud banks with the whole world beneath our feet. We want to kinda have our own angel that we can fly with—away from realms of our fucked up reality. Jimin has that vibe of genuineness that we all long for—the feel of freedom when he dances.

bts haiku

bts haiku


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