Pilipinas, hindi ko alam kung mahal pa ba kita o naaawa na lang ako sayo? It’s sad what this country has become. Lahat na lang BIG DEAL. Tapos ‘tong post ko na ‘to baka maging big deal din kasi ‘nagmamarunong’ or ‘feeling matalino’. Well, hindi naman ako masyadong matalino. Sakto lang. HAHAHAHA! Ayan, bashers in 3.. 2.. 1.. Hindi naman talaga ako matalino or nagmamarunong. May ‘opinyon’ lang naman din ako tulad niyong lahat. So bakit niyo nga ba binabasa pa ‘to e opinyon ko lang naman ‘to? Kasi nga we have nothing better to do. Hala sige, basa lang ng posts, ng comment sections, mga ganun ba. Yung tipong binusog ka na ng SOCIAL MEDIA.



Facebook is the best place to get a heart attack. Andito lahat ng taong ‘mema’. Sabi nga ‘kinain ng sistema’. Sistema ng ano?

SISTEMANG ANALYSTeto ung kailangan ata maging ‘analyst’ ka muna bago ka magbigay ng opinion mo. Example natin ung on going PBA Finals. Pag nagpost ka ng something about it, it’s either ikaw ung ‘fan lang kapag finals’ or ‘feeling sports analyst’. Really, people? Can’t I say what I want? Kahit ung wala ka namang sinasabing against both teams, e may masasabi pa din sayo. So ano yun, kayo na lang may karapatang mag post? Bilin niyo na lang kaya kay Mark Zuckerberg yung Facebook?

SISTEMANG “OPINYON KO ‘TO!”eto ung ipaglalaban ung opinyon niya kasi ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘I am entitled to my own opinion!!!!!’ kahit yung tipong below the belt na ang laban. Agot Isidro would be a perfect example. She stated her opinion, just what she thinks of the President and most people have gone berserk. She may have gone out of line (or not, that depends on your own opinion) but all these retaliations people are throwing at her are soooo much lower that what she called Duterte. Baog daw kaya iniwan ng asawa. HOW LOW CAN YOU GET, PEOPLE? AD HOMINEM SHIT ASS. It has NOTHING to do with her statement. And just before you throw shits at me too, I am not taking her side. Neither the President’s. What has been done, has been done. We can’t undo the manage so FFS, can’t we all be a little nicer?

SISTEMANG DOUBLE STANDARDthis screams ‘gender equality’. Boys can go around shirtless and girls’ bra straps can’t even be seen ng hindi nababastos. Boys can go around fucking different women and when the girls do this, they are called whore or sluts. Girls who shout for equality but demands too much from their boyfriend. Yung gustong gusto na i-spoil sila para may maipost na “#relationshipgoals”. Yung tipong gusto sila lang ung pwede mag tantrums or magalit tapos kapag sinabayan ni guy, ay WWIII na. Or, when a guy gets raped or abused by a woman and he grew up hating women, it’s called misogyny.  When a girl gets raped or abused by a man and she grew up hating all the male specimen, it is acceptable. I don’t even know with humanity anymore.

Actually, pwede namang mas madami pa dyan ‘yung ‘sistema’. Depende na lang siguro sa tao.

Everyone is a hypocrite. Myself, included. Hindi ako nagmamalinis. I may or may not belong to these ‘sistema’ once in a while. And I know it’d be so damn hard to cut it.

It’s sad how far we are from getting the equality we want because of culture. It’s sad how far we are from sleeping through world peace because of differences. If only we can respect each other, maybe living in a Third World Country would be, if not ideal, at least bearable. Wag tayong maging cancer ng lipunan. Itigil natin ung maling sistema. Wag nating iasa sa iba ung pagbabago. Simulan mo yung pagbabago sa sarili mo.


P.S – sinubukan ko namang purong Tagalog yung pagsulat ko nito kaso ang hirap talaga eh. Sorry na, Pepe.

Sa anong klaseng sistema ka nga ba nabibilang? Pag usapan natin yan. Libre comment, opinyon mo yan eh.


Posted by:vienna

vienna is a highly caffeinated writer who aspires to make a difference through her words; if she's not writing, she's probably reading books and fangirling over Bangtan.

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