“There’s a statistical and very probable chance” that I wouldn’t make this review if I didn’t see someone online who quoted a thing from this book, if I didn’t ask if it’s great and if I didn’t give it a try. Also, if a very close friend of mine didn’t ask me to write a review for once. So yay! It’s a first.

I have never given much thought of airports or being on a plane before let alone thinking of it like something of a suspension. “You’re neither here nor there. […] You’re just sort of… suspended.” I like the thought. It’s like having a breather before you end something and start for another.
I love how Jennifer Smith didn’t focus on the lovey-dovey thing on Hadley and Oliver’s story. Yes, the story circles around “love”. But in a different kind of way.

I always believe that “love is not complicated, people are.” Hadley’s mom loves Harrison but how come that she doesn’t want to marry him? She just have to say yes. It doesn’t make sense, right? Well, it shouldn’t. “Love is the strangest, most illogical thing in the world.” Maybe she just doesn’t really feel like it. We all have our reasons.

Smith made me think that ‘fate’ is the only logical answer why things work the way they do. BUT we need to act upon it. Yeah sure, Hadley figured out that Oliver is going to a funeral–not a wedding. It’s fate in the works. It let her knows. But what if she didn’t go to him, anyway? See? She acted upon it. It’s kind of complicated.

I guess, that’s just how it all works. Fate acts, you act. “I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective.”

“People who meet in airports are seventy-two percent more likely to fall for each other than people who meet anywhere else.” If I was Hadley, I wouldn’t believe this either. But I’m making a mental note right now to do a research about it later. It can be my “summer research project”. Thanks, Oliver!


May 24, 2014