I just finished reading Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang yesterday and I came up with this short poem:

I wonder how many secrets you hide;
     and tell no one you trust
I wonder how many tears you have shed;
      each drop fading into dust

I wonder how much strenght you have left;
     to sustain your breath
I wonder how much you’re willing to live;
     and think not of death

Depression has always been the case for the most of us. It can’t be romanticized through poetry. It’s not pretty. It’s like the Dementors sucking the life out of you. It’s when you’re laughing with your friends and you suddenly stop short because you know that what you’re feeling isn’t genuine and sincere. It’s when you have to fake everything to make it. It’s when you try so hard to live day to day with too much struggles. It’s like everything goes on around you and you remain stuck. It’s when you’re not sure if the one you love is the one slipping through your fingertips or it’s you losing yourself. I saw it all in Liz Emerson. But she has made it, hasn’t she? If she did, why can’t you? I know it’s a different story for everyone but I still believe in the power of Faith, Hope and Love. I hope you keep the faith in love. You’ll be fine. You can get through this. I believe in you.

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If she’s determined to pull through this, she will. // Falling Into Place